"Do you take state assistance?"                                                                                Yes, we do take state assistance as long as your paper work is kept up. You are responsible for what state does not cover and tuition is due each Friday prior to the next week's care. If you are a new family and you are waiting on states approval, then you will pay full tuition until the paperwork is in place and then given a credit until it is gone for any overpay. 

"Do you enroll children part time?"
                      We are a full time only facility.....meaning that your child is enrolled Monday-Friday. From experience, we know that young children have a hard time adjusting to part time and then they miss so many educational moments. 

"Why isn't your tuition listed on your site?                                                                    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what the tuition will be for your family. Child care costs will vary based on your situation. 

Here are some of the things that impact the cost of child care:
Do you receive state?
How old is your child?
Do you need care for more than one child?
We encourage families to set up a tour to see what we offer here and to see how the tuition is spent.

"What are your hours of operation?"                                                                               We are opening Monday-Friday from 6 am- 6pm

"Do you serve breakfast?"                                                                                              We serve a hot breakfast, lunch, and snack each day. We are part of the Missouri Food Program. Specific classrooms eat at specific times so you will always know what to expect. 

We provide baby food and cereal to infants. Formula/Breast Milk is up to the parent.

"Do you allow the children to watch television?"                                                         No, we do not watch tv/dvds at our center. The children are here to learn hands on and be social with their peers to learn about being a friend. We might show a holiday movie once or twice a year but it is a big deal with pajamas and popcorn! 

"What form of curriculum do you teach?"
                     We practice Creative Curriculum.